The Misfit Stars Social Network
The Misfit Stars Social Network

Welcome to the Misfit Stars Social Network!

Let's make something beautiful together.

About Us

Misfit Stars is a community of open-hearted people from all over the globe, gathered and nurtured by artists Jamie Hill and Shannon Curtis.

In this community, we are:

  • having compassionate conversations about stuff that matters;
  • forging meaningful relationships by sharing our experience, strength, and hope with one another;
  • making life-enriching connections, based in authenticity, that help us live our best, most fulfilled lives;
  • and empowering one another to help make the world we share more beautiful, kind-hearted, and positive.

Why You Should Join Us

Misfit Stars members get exclusive access to the private Misfit Stars Social Network, at seat at the table for our monthly Misfit Stars Zoom Meet-Ups, interactive participation in the weekly Misfit Stars Podcast, invitations to members-only online concerts and events, and early and exclusive access to our new music releases and merchandise.

A Big Thanks

To all of our Misfit Stars members: thank you, from the deepest parts of our hearts. Your membership literally makes possible the work that we do in the world. 

By being a member of this community, you are directly supporting:

  • the constant creation of our own new, original music; 
  • education and empowerment of other artists through ongoing music production and songwriting mentorship; 
  • practical assistance for artists in need, via free or discounted mixing and mastering work donated to these artists by Jamie; 
  • the creation and publication of the weekly Misfit Stars Podcast; 
  • the advocacy and activism work that we're engaged in on an ongoing basis;
  • and the cultivation of this community, both through the Misfit Stars Social Network and also via regular events designed for connection and relationship-building. 

We couldn't do any of this without you ... and we wouldn't want to. Thank you so much for being a Misfit Star.